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Healthy Vegan, Refined Sugar Free Banana Ice Cream

Written by Jo Cooke-Best


Posted on February 14 2021

Every persons childhood memories contain ice cream in there somewhere. If you are anything like me, then (a few) years later, ice cream is still a firm favourite.

Having diet restrictions adds new complications with eating things like ice cream, no diary, no nuts, no refind sugar, minimal fruits you can eat is no longer quite so simple. Then, when you think of making ice cream at home, the first thoughts are often 1 - It's difficult and 2 - you need an ice cream maker. Well, surprisingly you don't!

My vegan banana ice cream recipe is perfect for a summer snack, a simple dessert and can be ready in under 10 minutes! You just need to remember to have some bananas in the freezer ready! 

Love and squishy brownies
Jojo xXx




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