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Secret Garden

Secret Garden was an easy choice for us.

Victoria started SG in 2007 and has its base in the middle of Salisbury plain, in a 17th century thatch cottage, not very far from where we live.

VISION AND MISSION My vision was to create a candle collection that had modern scents that reflect the seasons. To create a candle that can be given as a gift at a dinner party or a thank you present. To achieve this we hand blend a mix of scents with vegan soy wax, and then hand pour the heavenly scented wax into hand beaten steel containers. 

Victoria's Beliefs "All of our candles are made with natural soy wax which is vegan friendly and kind to the environment. We only use the highest quality blends of essential oils and fragrance oils, which give a beautiful scent throw when combined with the soy wax."

SG's ethics - At the heart of everything that we do is sustainability and recycling. Every piece of packaging can be reused or recycled and all the ingredients used are from ethical and sustainable resources, as far as possible sourced from the UK. Just because it is recyclable doesn't mean that it has to look uninteresting. All our containers for our candles are hand beaten polished steel which fits well with both traditional interior designs and contemporary.