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Vegan, Soy Wax Melts in a Box(5pk)

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Why not treat yourself or a friend to the joy of wax melts.

This bauble is a great gift to give a loved one, or to keep for yourself. 

Wax melts are a fantastic choice for those that like to change the fragrance of their room often.

Each melt will last for around 4-5 hours. Once you are done with your burn simply blow out the tea light and the remaining wax will solidify and you can either change it for a new one or continue to burn in next time you light the tea light. Home fragrance has never been so simple.

Each hand blended and hand poured soy wax melt is presented in a fabulous box, great for a tree present, bauble, table present, stocking filler or just because gift. 

  • Each wax melt has a burn time of between 4-5 hours.
  • The soy wax is natural there are no toxins or smoke given off from the candle.
  • The soy wax and fragrance oils are vegan and sustainable, making this candle is both luxurious and environmentally friendly.
  • The presentation box can be recycled and the container is reusable for a multitude of purposes. Or you can send it back for a refill.

Winter Honeysuckle & Elderflower This luscious, winter floral fragrance gently unfolds with subtle citrus nuances of mandarin and lemon, enhanced by succulent winter berries. The fragrance comes into full bloom through a floral notes of frosted honeysuckle, jasmine and elderflower while the sensuous fond of sandalwood, amber, vanilla and musk completes the fragrance

Orange and Cinnamon With Crisp top notes of sweet orange and tangerine, soft floral middle notes and a woody orange base with the strong deep scent of cinnamon.

Winter Berries A sparkling fruity delight of cranberries and elderberries lavished by a hint of pine nuts, dry orange peel, gala apple and a sprinkling of juniper berries.

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