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Glebe Farm Foods

Gluten Free Organic Porridge Oats - 5kg/20kg

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Gluten Free porridge oats packed with wholegrain gluten free British oats, milled at Glebe Farm, Cambridgeshire (the UK's only farm to grow ONLY gluten free oats, meaning there is NO risk of cross contamination from other grains)!

This porridge make a deliciously creamy breakfast.

These oats are versatile, cook or microwave for a hearty bowl to release the energy slowly to keep the munchies at bay till lunchtime. Use them to make breakfast oats with fruit for a healthy grab & go breakfast pot or turn them into a healthy flapjack for a delicious snack. 

100% Organic Gluten Free Oats


Per 100g of Oats
Energy 1520 kJ
361 kcal
Fat 6 g
Of which saturated 1.4 g
Carbohydrate 60 g
Of which sugars 1.8 g
Fibre 9.3 g
Protein 12 g
Salt 0.00 g


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