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Immune System Booster - Priced Per 50g - EcoFP Own Blend

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Wow where to start from with this tea!
The Immune booster is amazing for so many different reasons, it is high in antioxidants, it detoxifies your liver, relieves symptoms of liver disease, anti-inflammatory properties, antiviral properties, fights flu, boosts your immune system, cleanses your liver of toxins, has properties that recent studies have shown can slow cell growth in cancer patients, aids sleep and can help improve hay fever symptoms!! I can't explain to you enough how amazing this tea is! 

Echinacea, Chamomile Blossoms*, Dandelion Root, Peppermint
*Certified organic

NOTE - If you are elderly or have a weak bladder sip this tea with caution. Dandelion tea is a diuretic and can increase urine output! 
Naturally caffeine-free.
Using a small to heaped teaspoon (depending on your taste preferences) of the leaves, sleep for 10-20 minutes for maximum benefits from the leaves, using freshly boiled water. - Don't forget you can re-use your leaves multiple times! ;o)
Caffeine free!


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