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Luxury Organic Coconut Hot Chocolate - Eco Fp Blend - Priced per 50g

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A wonderful blend made her at Eco Footprints HQ!

Each element has been perfectly blended for the ultimate, silky smooth, luxury hot chocolate. 

Not to be confused with the average cup of hot chocolate, our blend gives you a yummy hot chocolate that is thick, rich and, the addition of coconut makes it light and creamy! The natural sweetener offsets the bitterness of the cacao, giving your cup the perfect finish. 

We have chosen top quality ingredients to make our luxury hot choccy, and because of this we recommend you only need to use one teaspoon to heaped teaspoon (depending on your taste requirements) to make each cup. 
To make your cup of hot chololate you simply need to add your teaspoon to a mug of hot water. However, as I have mine as a naughty treat from time to time, and love a super thick hot chocolate I use warm soya or coconut milk. 

Coconut milk powder (coconut milk extract, glucose syrup, natural Cavamax 6), 100% Pure Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Stevia

Your hot chocolate will keep best when stored airtight and out of direct sunlight. I recommend that you do not store in plastic containers, use glass, tin. The bag that the hot chocolate arrives in is compostable, airtight & damp proof and is perfect for storing & re-using next time you need to refill.

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