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Coffee Grown by Women

Organic Coffee Beans - No3 - Women Grown - Medium Roast

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The rich honeyed apricot and almond notes in this coffee come from blending high quality organic arabica beans from Nicaragua, Peru and Democratic Republic of Congo. All too often the role of women in the production of coffee is unpaid and unacknowledged. This blend is a testament to them and recognises their importance and expertise in this field.

Coffee produced by: Unicafec – Asociacion Union de Cafetaleros EcologicosSOPACDI, Democtratic Republic of Congo & SOPEXXCA – Unión de Cooperativas Agropecuarias

"Some things in life can be complex. Fair trade can be complex, but when we at Equal Exchange discovered that the huge contribution women make in the production of coffee was still going unpaid and unrecognised, we felt that there had to be a solution."

"I am such a different person now to who I was before. I didn’t like to speak before and would always run away. I’d feel too shy to talk and would want to disappear. There are a lot of women who are too scared to become organised and go to meetings, these are the people who still need our help. This is why I will continue to work for our visibility and value - Norma, coffee farmer from Nicaragua"

Medium roast organic coffee beans

Your coffee beans will keep best when stored airtight and out of direct sunlight. I recommend that you do not store in plastic containers, use glass, tin or the bag that the beans arrive in.

fairtrade accreditation

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