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Tranquility Tea - Priced Per 50g - EcoFP Own Blend

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This timeless classic, the tranquility tea is perfect for reducing daily anxieties, calming the body and de-stressing. If you are like me & your digestive tract is affected by stress, or as stress loads increase, the chamomile can really help soothe the uncomfortableness that comes along with it. 
The tranquility tea is also stunning to look at with the yellow blossoms of the Chamomile and the soft pink & purple hues of the rose petals. 
Sip gently throughout the day to gain continual comfort, or have a nice warm cup in the evening to soothe your tummy overnight. 

Chamomile Blossoms*, Lemongrass*, Rose Petals.
*Certified organic

Naturally caffeine-free.
Using a small to heaped teaspoon (depending on your taste preferences) of the leaves, sleep for 5-10 minutes, using freshly boiled water. - Don't forget you can re-use your leaves multiple times! ;o)
Caffeine free!


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