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Tummy Soother Tea - Priced Per 50g - EcoFP Own Blend

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This tummy soother tea does exactly what it says on the tin, soothes your tummy & digestive tract, This tea is perfect if you suffer from digestive tract spasms, uncomfortable gas, vomiting, tummy pains and need some soothing pain relief, this tea will benefit you. With the added benefits of chamomiles relaxing tones, easing anxiety and soothing the body it can help with the additional stresses & anxieties that IBS sufferers and people with delicate tummies can suffer from. 
For all day relief, delicately sip this throughout the day or have a nice warm cup in the evening to help your tummy reset overnight.  

Chamomile blossoms*, Lemongrass* and peppermint.
*certified organic

Using a small to heaped teaspoon (depending on your taste preferences) of the leaves, sleep for 5-10 minutes, using freshly boiled water. - Don't forget you can re-use your leaves multiple times! ;o)
Caffeine free!


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